Chesterfield Township GOP


Help Wanted

Precinct Captains - Chesterfield Township is divided into 53 precincts.  These leaders recruit subdivision, neighborhood, and street lieutenants who will walk door to door engaging the public by talking about issues, polling with short questions, and giving out literature.  The goal is to indentify known Republicans and others who agree with issues on the Republican platform, and collect their contact information. We have to build and maintain a strong network of like-minded people to select the best representatives and make the right choices on ballot issues. Click on button below to read the Missouri Precinct Project training guide for more information.

Neighborhood, Subdivision, Street Lieutenants - Maybe a precinct is a bit daunting, but you can cover your street or subdivision.  This is less time consuming and a great way to get some exercise and chat with neighbors.

Poll Workers - Passionate citizens who will stand 25 feet outside the entrance to the polls to hand out literature and ask for someone's vote one more time.  Poll are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. We set up shifts and typically fill spots outside of the most active polls first. The goal is to have two people per shift at every location.

Phone banking - If walking the streets or standing outside polls, are not your thing.  We can always use help with phone calls.

Yard signs - If you are willing and able to post a yard sign on your property, please let us know. 

Host an event - Hosting a meet and greet in your home or business really pulls the community together.  You know where your freinds stand.  We can bring speakers, candidates, and/or elected officals to get the conversations going. 

Speakers - We have subject matter experts amoung us who can share their expertise with their neighbors.  Please let us know if you are willing to tell us about an issue you are passionate about.

Book Reviews - We are looking for leaders and participants to meet and/or blog about books written about issues of concern for Republicans.  Our goal is one book a month. 

Be an OWLL (Organization Watching Local Leaders) While we are all elephants, we also need owls.  The Committee Man and Woman cannot be everywhere all the time. With OWLLs posted at our city council and school board meetings, we will have someone who can report back to us about what is happening in local non-partisan politics.  We also need OWLLs to brief us on the pros and cons of all propostions on the ballots.